How Digital Marketing influenced my mindset and kick-off my way into Freelancing digital solutions.

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Humble beginnings in the digital era

I remember looking back to the year 2006. Friendster and Myspace opened their doors to let me have a glimpse of self-expression and social interaction online. These led users to customize page themes and set up their favorite musical backgrounds based on their personalities. Altogether, we feel ecstatic whenever we receive interactions through comments, testimonials, and shoutouts from our friends. Moving forward to 2008, I created my personal Facebook account, adding most of my friends. Moreover, I don’t want to miss out on hitting those likes and comments on a funny post. I feel nostalgic, and this is how I started my social media presence.

The new norm of social media

Nowadays, everybody from all corners of the globe, across all demographic segmentation, is on social media. May it be Facebook or Instagram for social connections, online community events, and keeping up with the latest trends. It could be Twitter for brief news, sports, or entertainment updates. Some professionals use LinkedIn for corporate connections, employment, or job hunting. According to Statista, we had about 4.59 billion social media users in 2022 and could reach 4.89 billion this year. In the vast coverage of audiences, many utilities keep growing and growing as platform developers continue to innovate. And this has altered my mindset toward social media use.

Freelancing digital solutions through digital marketing

The Global adoption of Digital Marketing in elevating digital solutions

Businesses all over the world are enduring the ongoing economic crisis. As humanity’s nature thrives in these challenging conditions, more and more entrepreneurs are looking for digital solutions and taking a plunge into digital marketing. In fact, there are over 50 million active business pages on Facebook, and a lot of them are utilizing their page to connect with their customers. The number of messages sent to businesses on Facebook has multiplied, and people now leave 2.5 billion comments on pages every month. In Twitter, link engagement is remarkably high, about 92% of the platform user interactions are link clicks. And in Instagram, 90% of all users follow a business account. Not to mention the ongoing trend of search engine optimization that leverages your website rankings to boost your business searchability on search engines.

Why digital marketing and digital solutions are better?

The convenience of Digital Marketing VS. Conventional practices

In contrast with conventional marketing strategies, digital marketing platforms are way more efficient and accessible with just a touch of your fingertips through your smartphones and desktops. Imagine creating social media content promotions (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads) several clicks away. Relatively speaking, making numerous individual calls and printing hard copies of poster paraphernalia to spread product awareness takes more effort. Furthermore, with poster paraphernalia, digital marketing supports greener advocacy as it does not use a lot of paper waste like hard copies for mass promotions. And finally, it is cost-efficient. Outsourcing media broadcasting and billboard advertising has pros but requires a substantial amount on a budget to reach a wider audience. On the contrary, digital marketing gives the option to settle for a tighter budget and have a broader range of reach. These situations elevated digital solutions in most aspects.

Why choose a freelancing digital solutions virtual assistant in Digital Marketing?

Why did I choose the path of freelancing digital solutions as a virtual assistant in Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing industry has a wide variety of specialties that I would like to explore and will continue to broaden its spectrum as such algorithms evolve and innovate. With different data, trends, and insights accumulating over time, digital solutions will be sustainable for the next decades ahead. As you have seen in my background, I have a good grasp on the primary needs of a business to maximize productivity and efficiently raise brand awareness across digital platforms. With my mission, vision, and goal as my guiding principle, I would like to help entrepreneurs in their businesses bring digital solutions while giving them the utmost satisfaction they deserve.

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